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The Truth About Being a Socially Awkward Christian September 24, 2010

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I get  a lot of compliments about the title of this blog. Most people think it’s cute at worst, funny at best, and the people who know me think it fits me well. I’m glad that people enjoy it, but honestly being a socially awkward person, much less a socially awkward Christian, in today’s culture is anything but cute or funny. Let me set up a little bit of what being this way is like. I can think of no better scenario than this past Sunday night.

Recently, my church started a new young adults ministry led by my friend, B.J. This ministry has two services a week; one for the young adults in Picayune on Mondays, another for the young adults living about an hour north in the college town of Hattiesburg on Sundays. This past Sunday, a small group of the “leaders” from the Picayune campus traveled with B.J. to Hattiesburg to both help set up as well as get connected with some of the students at that campus. I know the people that traveled there, but not that well except for B.J., who was driving the 15-passenger van with his wife riding shotgun. I sat in the very back, without saying one word the entire drive, at one point even causing B.J. to say “Brandon, you sure are quiet back there.” I really didn’t know how to respond, so I just smiled and nodded. The fact is trying to say something witty that turns out to not be so witty in front of the people I was with was absolutely terrifying.

We finally got to our destination and started setting up for the service. This went well enough for me, I can make small talk at times when everyone is working on an equal task. The big problems began when people started showing up. I knew some of them, but again not that well, and the majority I did not know at all. I don’t think it’s easy for anyone to introduce themselves, but for introverted people, I think it’s only slightly better than chemotherapy. I see new people and I lock up. I can’t make eye contact, my palms become sweaty, I become cottonmouth with no amount of liquid able to wet my dry throat. Thank God for my Blackberry. I start scrolling up and down, looking at nothing in particular, but at least the appearance of me texting someone will convince these people that I’m not a loser, and maybe even sway them from trying to talk to me. It doesn’t work though, some guy does try to make small talk, asking how I’ve been. I say good, and ask the same of him, he says good as well, and then just stands there, obviously waiting for one of us to say something that could start an actual conversation. If meeting someone new is like chemotherapy, this is like being tortured by shoving bamboo sticks under my fingernails. Eventually, I just look back to the safety of my smartphone and he walks away.

After a awhile, I talk myself up reminding myself that I’m a leader and am not supposed to be afraid of people. I see a group of people standing in a circle and laughing, I decide to try and go enter the conversation. The circle doesn’t open to let me in, so I stand on the outside looking in, as if I’m the only kid on the fieldtrip to Disneyland that forgot to get my parents to sign the permission slip and have to stay at school. Somebody then forgets what movie a certain line he’s referencing is found in, and I know it so I speak up. My answer is correct and he says, “That’s it!” and continues with his conversation, once again leaving me on the outside of the circle. I thank God when it’s time for the service to start. On the ride home, I’m more involved with the conversation, thanks to a lucky joke I made that was actually funny. Then I start to overdo it because of my excitement of being involved and try to think of more funny stories or witty statements, but I’m not that funny or that witty so I start to use other people’s stories or jokes and claim them as my own, but unfortunately, they only work for the people who actually own the rights to them. The agony only ends when I’m back in my truck, graciously alone.

They say the Christian life isn’t meant to be done alone. We need community to survive. I believe this is true. But, for people like me, the thing that’s supposed to keep you alive causes you so much pain and anxiety. It’s like drinking water that tastes and smells like gasoline. You know you need it to live, but drinking it can be vomit-inducing. I get jealous of people that others naturally gravitate toward. My friend, Danny, is like this. People naturally like him; and he’s just naturally good with people. I watch him when he’s dealing with the people in our church and I’m amazed. He might as well be wearing a cape and a big “S” on his chest. It’s unbelieveable to me. How is he that comfortable with people? How are people that attracted to him and others like him? It’s strange. We have even discussed the dichotomy of how people react to him and to me. He can make a certain joke and people will think it’s hilarious. I could make the same exact joke and people will think I’m just creepy. It all goes back to the fact that I’m socially awkward and he’s not. I’m introverted, and he’s extroverted. These are just common personality types. Being one way is not better than the other way, it’s just the way we’re built. Sometimes, though, being introverted can feel less like a personality type and more like a disorder or a condition. This is magnified in the Church, which is an extroverted culture. Introverts have a much harder time with it than people think they do. We often get the label of “weird” because they think we don’t like people, which is not the case. Introverts like people just as much as anyone. It’s just that we want to be liked and to be seen as “cool” so bad that we have a hard time socializing. People will say that’s shallow and that we should just be ourselves, but they don’t understand that we are.

One of the things I have noticed about social media networks like Facebook and Twitter is that introverts don’t exist on them. I don’t know what it is but introverts thrive online. I realized on Sunday night, that I would have a much easier time talking to these people through a screen than I do face-to-face. Through this blog and through my Twitter, I feel closer to my online “community” of people that I have never met than I do to some of my peers in my own church. I am not saying this is right or even healthy, I’m just saying this is what being socially awkward is like. It’s a prison. It’s not cute and it’s not funny. It’s lonely. It’s painful.

Where do we introverts, we socially awkward, fit within our Christian communities? Social awkwardness is not sin. Let me make that clear. I don’t think the problem is within us, though I do think that there are some things about our personalities that we need to overcome. However, there are also some things that extroverts, or people who are not socially awkward need to understand. Namely, we are not weird. We are not creepy. We are just nervous. We like you, and we want you to like us. We have wisdom to offer, if you will just allow us to say it when we finally work up the courage to say it. Be patient with us and continue to reach out to us, though understand that sometimes we will need more space than you might.

To others who are socially awkward like me I want to say this: God has given us callings and dreams, too. We can lead just as well as extroverts, God did not limit us to be followers. We can be pastors, teachers, prophets, artists, entertainers, worship leaders, and anything God has called us to be. We can do “all things through Christ who gives us strength” just like people who aren’t socially awkward can. We can overcome the aspects of our personalities that would hold us back. We can overcome the fear that often paralyzes us. I think we can even have an advantage over our extroverted brothers and sisters. The way we are forces us to rely solely on Jesus. We aren’t tempted to use our personalities nearly as often as extroverts do. When we find the courage to do what God has called us to do, we can have the confidence that we are not working at all in our own power, but in the strength of the One who loves us unconditionally, as we are. Our strength and hope is found in the One who at the sound of His Name, every knee will bow, socially awkward or not. Never forget this.

Gideon: “My clan is the weakest…I am the least.”

God: “But, I will be with you.”

Judges 6:15-16



1. Kat - September 24, 2010

Thank you. I needed this.

And I empathize with you more than you could possibly understand.

2. Spiritual Klutz - September 29, 2010

This at least gives me insight into what introverts are thinking when they see me bouncing around a room of people like Tigger. Nice to see another Mississippian putting good stuff in the blogosphere.

3. Jennfeathers - September 30, 2010

Lol, I was an introvert all through high school… even to the extent of having panic attacks because of people, groups, classes anything like that. I musta grown out of it somewhat as I usually am fairly extroverted now, but I do love my ‘me’ time without people around all the time. Collage was easier so maybe that helped… interesting topic though. Thanks for sharing! I know what it’s like to be in your shoes.

4. izzy&kris'smom - November 3, 2010

Thank you so much for this post. I am a mother of 2 daugthers (3 years old and 6 months) and am still struggling with my introverted-ness. I am also an elementary school and Sunday school teacher. I feel most at ease when I am around children teaching but have panic attacks around other adults. I often wonder what is wrong with and spiral down into depression. But these are the times I can refocus and find that God is good and that I don’t need to be certain way because He loves me the way He has created me.

5. lovely - November 24, 2010

I thank u for putting this on here because the things u said with the phone I never knew others did stuff like that,and I love being alone my family tell me it’s not good they call me anti-social but I have been saved 4 years now n I am coming out of it the closer I get to God the bolder I get in front of ppl n I no its God doing I am over the singles’ ministry n also a leader n we all ways have to meet new ppl so I have to check my felling at the door

6. Kristina M. - December 16, 2010

Wow. I am exactly the same way and have had the exact same fears and frustrations. I do the “texting in awkwards situations thing.” I have often wondered why my dynamite-personality sister and I can tell the same joke and no one laughs when I say it. I can’t approach people I don’t know because I’m waiting for them to say, “who invited you over?” or “who asked you?” I wish more people would try to understand who we are instead of expecting us to so easily “snap out of it” and “loosen up.” Thanks for putting into words what we socially awkward types go through. =)

7. Broken down, and tired - December 19, 2010

Its amazing how well I relate to you. I am exactly the same way. Thank you for writing this. Not only does being an introvert make social situations painful sometimes it makes me feel like maybe I’m not as good as a Christian as others. Like I am inferior. My boyfriend is the most outgoing person ever, loves to be around groups of people. Thrives with them. At the end of the day I am soooo tired, but he is like “Hey lets stay longer” I am very uncomfortable in bible study groups, and I prefer to just study my Bible by myself… I just feel so much closer to God, because I don’t feel like He is favoring those outgoing people over me. I get judged I know. People don’t talk to me, and I always just sit and listen. I am so socially awkward that my bofyfriends mom calls me painfully shy. I hate that… like I am a pain to be around. I want to serve God just as much as them, but I can’t help but feel inferior 😦

thesociallyawkwardchristian - December 19, 2010

No introvert is inferior. Remember that whatever the Bible says is true about any extrovert is true about any introvert too. We are more than conquerors.

I’m blessed and humbled by all the comments. Thank you all for sharing. If you are hurting because of your introversion, I want to point you to a book I recently read that was very empowering to me. It’s called, “Introverts in the Church: Finding Our Place in an Extroverted Culture” by Adam S. McHugh. There’s a lot of helpful information in it. Please pick it up!

Sherla E. - July 4, 2011

I know what you mean by just wanting to be alone. Yet at the same time you wish you were out going when you see everyone just joking with each other being happy while you sit there in the corner. My mom tells me that every finger has a different length representing the different kinds of people around. Yet everyone of them has an importance, working together to give a strength of a hand. All have in importance because God was the engineer of the body and He would not put useless things on the body for God is perfect and Allmighty. Also God take those that are down and put them up. So never feel inferior for you are just as imprtant as others.

8. seekingpastor - December 21, 2010

I was and still am socially awkward as well and can identify with everything in this post. Yet, I am a pastor. It is difficult at times, but God gives me the strength to overcome my personality quirks when the need arises.

9. Chris Breshears - December 25, 2010

This almost completely describes me. It’s almost like I wrote this myself. lol. I’ve always been the “behind-the-scenes” guy. Always get my work done without questions, and make sure everything is squared-away at all times. I have plenty of close friends, and I primarily hand out with “extroverts”, but I always do feel distant with them.

10. Crystal - February 20, 2011

Thank you for this post! I never knew people felt just like me. It’s nice to not be alone! I was in a church for 7 years and I never “fit in.” I tried by joining various small groups and ministries and people talked to me but never became a friend. I’m pretty lonely and have no friends no matter how hard I try. Just getting up the courage to call a new person is the hardest! I like my alone time too but I realize I need friends and I pray that God will send me a good group of Christian friends. Especially since my boyfriend (who was very extroverted) left me and won’t be my friend anymore. (Also found out he was a “wolf in sheep’s clothing). I wish this was easier. People tell me I just need to be a better friend, but calling people and talking to people scares me and I need “downtime” to re-energize, which teachers don’t realize (I’m a teacher) since most of them are very extroverted. I know God made us all this way and we are all valuable and have a calling. I just pray it gets easier. (I’m 28! And it’s just as tough now as when I was a kid!) Once again thank you for this blog!

11. Kris Hollenbeck - June 27, 2011

Word for word description of my wife and I. I admit it is slightly easier for us because we have each other. But still we have stopped going to church on several occasions because of this. It kind of sucks though because we know how much we need church. Thinking about going back again, this article helps.

12. Sherla E. - July 4, 2011

I loe this and this post has made me feel better about myself. Throughout my life my introvertness has put me in some really akward situations. Then i strat thinking that there is something wrong with me and get depressed. Now i know that i’m not weird or alone. Best of all I’m still loved by God.

13. Christiangirl - February 16, 2013

God bless you! I love this article. It’s so true. I’m a female and get treated like I’m “weird” over absolutely nothing. As a result I’m uber catious who I trust and I don’t converse with people I don’t know. When you get judged and written off by the “socially acceptable” so often it becomes hard to trust those outside your circle. Don’t get me wrong I love my friends. They NEVER judge me or misunderstand me!! Great to know God appreciates us and sees us as flawless and precious. God Bless! 🙂

14. Christiangirl - March 2, 2013

I think another reason i find it hard to socialize is because I’ve been misunderstood by so many people including family. Even as an adult I sometiemes find myself being despised and rejectected without a cause by people who know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about me. Not trusting or socializing with a lot of people is a way of protecting myself from ever being deeply hurt like that again. I don’t want attention I just want to be treated fairly.

15. Christian introvert - April 26, 2013

Wow, thank you so much for this post. I am so glad I’m not alone. You took the words right out of my mouth, and I’m glad I can finally put some words to describe how I’m feeling. I’m an introvert in an extrovert’s skin. I have a million acquaintances, many friends and a handful of close few friends. Most are extroverts. I’ve improved in relating to close friends, but still struggle with articulating myself. I thrive more with not-so-close friends and acquaintances. However, I frequently get caught out in group situations when I say awkward things or say something that no one got, or when I don’t know what to contribute to conversations and remain quiet. I then get so sad and depressed afterwards because it feels like I fail at being a human being. I feel like life is hard to do. And then I wonder why I am this way because if I’m made in God’s image, and He is completely perfectly relational, then I should at least be somewhat able to relate to other people. And then I get even more depressed when I look at how this has affected my Christian walk. If I fail at being a human being, how will I obey Christ’s command of making disciples and showing them the way to The Way? And that’s where it really gets me. I’m 21 and I’ve been trying to do life all my life, and it’s a constant struggle. Once again, thank you for your post. I will definitely read the book you recommended and I will not give up fighting this good fight. I do hope it gets easier though 🙂

16. Spiritually Committed - May 16, 2013

It is very refreshing to see put into words what I have been experiencing all my life. I just wish that all the extroverts in the world could read this post. I am 47 years old, and continue to look for ways to make this “problem” easier. I have dived into very deep depression at times, but have been able to bounce back through prayer. God always provide a reason for me to move on, and to continue working on improving my social skills. I too have found that introvertion is an advantage when it comes to the spiritual life. Introvertness gives me no other choice, but to depend on Him “with whom everything is possible”. Spreading Gods word has been a great chanllenge, as with a lot of people in this blog. I limit my interaction by sharing my spiritual experiences with family. The few “friends” that I have will flee away if I talk about it for more than 2 minutes. So, there is that! However, my biggest challenge and personal dissapointment is sustaining employment. This is a real concern to me, and a reason to continue looking for answers. I thought more people were going to share the same. I am a single mom and still have 2 teenagers at home that depend on me, not only for social exposure, and spiritual support, but to provide meals, and a roof over their heads. Believe me when I say that… The pressure is on, Baby!!!! I am a very dedicated worker who arrives on time, learns as much as possble about my job and about others job. I speak 2 languages and have great customer service skills. What I can’t do is socialize, direct or give my opinion in a meeting, or sit comfortably at the lunch table with my boss and other co-workers. My contribution is very little when it comes to leadership, and my co-workers view me as weird, depressed, not smart or maybe there is a possibility of a mental dissorder.. so.. they treat me “special”. That is actually funny! The fact is that I have a lot of ideas always floating in my mind, and have a 4.0 GPA. As you can see, my life is not about finding happiness or achieving goals, but to make sure that I can provide as much as I can for my boys in the social, spiritual and economic level. It is about making sure that we are not going to be homeless next month. The only take I have is the hope that I got closer to God by the end of the day, our greates reason to be here on earth. I want to say thank you for recommending the book. That gives me something more to look forward to.

17. The Igbo Christian Feminist - April 26, 2014

Thank you so much for this article. I really, really needed this today.

thesociallyawkwardchristian - April 26, 2014

Thank you so much for reading! Praying for you today!

18. Riaan - May 9, 2014

And this did not help 1 bit. I am still awkward and always will be. Why did God make me like this. I hate feeling like this and it does not matter how hard I try, I can not be different. What would it have cost God to make me normal, so that I do not despise myself? Obviously it it is great to make me feel like this. I never chose this, but I am not allowed to question? And please don’t tell me God loves you unconditionally, I am human and would like to interact with other humans normaly. R

thesociallyawkwardchristian - May 9, 2014

Totally understand your frustration, Riaan. I’ve felt the same way many times. I wish I had a good answer for you. But, I don’t. All I can offer you is to say I’m right there with you and am praying for both of us.

19. LifeFlight - May 30, 2014

I came here from a Google search and it’s good to know I am not alone. But I may be a bit more on the extreme side of socially awkward. I have this extreme, deep-rooted FEAR that is ingrained inside me, that I think began about 8 years ago when moved to a new state and had trouble making new friends. Rejection after rejection. By the time I was 13 I had finally figured out what was wrong with me. I called it being “socially retarded”. So, without really realizing it at first, I built walls. I kept quiet. I stopped trying to hope for true friends. What is a friend? I ask that same question I began asking 8 years ago. And, now, here I am. As a result of many, many things, I am almost done with my faith, and I have come to accept that I am a loser and a loner. My mind is so messed up in so many ways, and I have stress and anxiety and I can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is not. And the pain I feel when being in a socially awkwrad situation is beyond unhealthy, beyond normal. I am even afraid to be around other socially awkward people!! Even the smallest, miniscule detail (ie an awkward phrase someone says, the way a sound goes, the way a light moves, etc) causes so much hell-like anxiety that I want to just curl up and die or run into the woods forever or something drastic like that. I have always contemplated becoming a real hermit when I “grow up”. Sounds good to me!
So anyway my question to you is, where in the Bible does it actually say it’s okay to be socially awkward/retarded? The only thing that remotely comes to mind is the story of how King David started taking clothes off and dancing for God and his wife was totally embarrassed by it. That sounds socially awkward to me! But what else? Are we sure it’s okay? Because to this day I have not seen God use stupid ol me for any of the things He has teased me with.
Thank you for taking the time to read my novel. 😛

20. Five Signs You’re A Socially Awkward Christian (And How To Deal With It) – Part One - October 20, 2014

[…] but for introverted people, I think it’s only slightly better than chemotherapy.” – this really awesome blog […]

21. Rachel - December 2, 2014

I really appreciate you taking the time to write this so that people who need to see it can read it & be encouraged. I needed to see this & am, therefore, encouraged! I love the examples you used, & I especially LOVED the last paragraph! Thank you tons!!

22. back pain relief devices - June 30, 2015

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The Truth About Being a Socially Awkward Christian | Confessions of a Socially Awkward Christian

23. Audrey G - August 30, 2015

Im so in awe of what I just read. I know exactly how you feel and it’s like I was reading my own story (well not EXACT) but it’s weird. I always feel like I’m the only awkward person at like gatherings (youth group, “parties”…) and whenever Im just sitting there or if I get the nerve to even say “hi” to someone it usually turns out to be the most awkward hello ever and people are usually turned off by that and leave. Or if I’m not even involved with anyone there no one really will talk to me so I’ll feel even more awkward knowing no one even cares I’m there, which most of the time I’m kinda happy about bc I dred people I don’t know talking to me anyway… But i don’t know why but it feels oddly great knowing I’m not the only socially awkward Christian out there struggling. So all I can say is thanks for sharing your story- it was quite an encouragement 🙂

Jordan - November 12, 2015

Thank you for this post. There doesn’t appear to be much guidance out there on this very important topic. It’s important because this walk is about people; being an example of a Christ so that He reached people through us. Hi, I’m 33 and I’m in grad school with people who are younger and have a different mind set than me. Every job I’ve ever had, I did not fit in socially. Every church I’ve ever attended, I’ve always felt like an outsider. I always go to church alone because I have a small and distant family. Small groups are so awful I can’t convince myself to go back at the moment. It’s more like social hour than true biblical learning and it’s like that with every small group I’ve ever attended. People seem very uncomfortable around me. The leader talks to me like I’m a five year old and it’s hard to get a word in during discussions because everyone else is so fluent in chritianese. It makes me so angry and bitter. It physically makes my stomach uneasy to think about going back. Maybe it’s because I became a Christian later and still don’t have my life ‘together’ yet. Maybe it’s because not interested in the same things as most people ‘certain tv shows’ etc, and I’m bad at faking it, but if life is about ministering to people in your direct surroundings, I am seriously failing. I know my fellow students and colleagues talk negatively about me because they don’t understand me. I see them make facial expressions after something I’ve said, for example, so I’m obviously discouraged from sharing my true thoughts. I’ll try to work on my listening skills I suppose. I know I need to find like minded people to keep me sane, but the older I get, the more discouraged I am that like minded people even exist. I don’t know if this is a ‘season’ to draw closer to Him, but that’s what I’ll do. I can think of specific times throughout my life where I didn’t fit in, but it didn’t really bother me in any real way until a few years ago. It’s seriously weighing on me and if shouldn’t. The truth is that most of these people are insecure and are dealing with their own demons. Lord, help us all represent Your Peace and Your Love around those who don’t to us. In the name of Jesus.

24. Heather - April 10, 2016

I really needed this today. Thank you so much.

25. Cameron McElroy - May 16, 2016

Personally I am single and live alone right now so I think what depresses me is just being alone throughout the week, Even though I am really not that shy at all in college I still have the tendency to isolate myself from everybody else. So I can understand when somebody is nervous around people you don’t know. And frankly in a church everybody ought to be talking about the Lord and not bench pressing for guys and girls should not be talking about boys they have crushes on in church. It should be Christ centered groups that talk about Jesus and what they are learning when they read their bibles on their own. For instance I think an ice breaker for small groups can be a waste of time. That’s just my opinion. Lets talk about the Lord and how great he is and not how funny you think you are.

26. Lucy - June 22, 2016

So I don’t want to leave a novel in your comments section but I have two main points:

Based on what I’ve researched on personality types and mental conditions (these things have fascinated me for years) and on my own observations and experiences, I believe your main trouble is not your introversion but perhaps social anxiety. Introversion by itself doesn’t do that. I’ve never had trouble making friends and I’m a hardcore introvert who has been known to have meltdowns when friends/family ask to hang out because I just want to be alone.

When at a function full of strangers, I have two main strategies that you are welcome to borrow and see if they help you.

My favorite is to just pick a corner and either watch and observe until someone comes to talk to you (or if there’s a piano, forget people and lose myself in music–don’t worry, they will STILL come talk to you). This way, if they don’t, at least you felt you participated because you were observing and for me, as an introvert, that’s sometimes better than participating.

My other strategy is to never focus on one group. Just kinda roam around. If you see someone you know, come join their group. This gives you an in to talk to whoever they’re talking to that you don’t know. And if not then at least someone to talk to.

27. Jess - June 22, 2016

As an introvert/awkward person (and a compulsive analyzer), I do believe there is sin involved. Not in a self-hating, soul-crushing sense, but just being honest and accepting that we’re all flawed in one way or another. We introverts tend toward self-focus; it’s an inherent weakness to overcome. Do people like me, am I funny, am I laughable, do people think I’m an idiot/weird/creepy, how can I fit in, why doesn’t anyone understand me…Notice all the personal pronouns dominating the thoughts? Some people are more other-centered, whether inherently or by choice/development. And yes, introverts can become that way. It’s the difference between entering a room and saying in essence “Here I am! (Do you like me, am I funny…)” and entering a room with an attitude of “Ah, there you are! (How can I pray for you, do you need anything, that is an awesome t-shirt…)” Reactive versus proactive. Concerned with self or concerned with God and the people He’s placed us with. St. Francis of Assisi hit the nail on the head: “O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love.”

Bear in mind I say all of this from the depths of that kind of self-focus and struggle, myself… ;-P

Rosa - December 8, 2016

Best advice… ever! I will think about this every time I am in a group/social event. THANK YOU!!!!

28. Michael Hefley - November 23, 2016

Man I like to know I’m not the only one out there who struggles with this. I am the same way I constantly feel that there’s something wrong with my walk with God because I feel I can’t connect with other Christians on a social level. Because how else are you supposed to get to know someone or talk to them, the thing that always makes this feeling much worse is when someone points out that you’re being quiet it can drive me insane and put my mind in a loop of trying to figure out how to get closer in my walk with God and get over my struggle with Pride, self-centeredness, etc. I feel like I make people feel akward when they make an effort to talk to me and I hate that I do because beyond words can describe I appreciate it when someone is wheeling to put the effort in to deal with my akwardness and hold a conversation with me even though it isn’t easy.

29. Ruth - December 9, 2016

This blog just told on me….

30. Jo - April 14, 2017

Thank you for sharing this article. As a very introverted, shy & socially awkward Christian, I know exactly how this feels and could relate to everything that you shared. Many years ago, I was baptised as an adult (along with about 10 others) and gave a testimony to over 500 people. I was absolutely fine giving my testimony but the mingling afterwards with the congregation was excruciating! And having crowds of people swarming around me congratulating me was literally terrifying because I had no idea what to say. Fast-forward 20 or so years and it hasn’t got any easier & I usually leave straight after a morning service because the ‘let’s have a cup of tea & a biscuit and chat’ fills me with dread. I have tried many times to mingle but just end up feeling on the outer & awkward every time. I am fine being with little kids but the adults – nope, I have no idea of what to say! But you know what? I have accepted that it is the way that I am and I can still pray for people in my own quiet way & still have a strong faith. I don’t have to be someone I am not. Someone once told me that I should ‘pray away my shyness’ & I felt so disheartened for a long time – but we all make up the body of Christ – each with our different talents and gifts. Blessings to you – and to all the awkward Christians out there too :-))

31. PK - December 13, 2017

As Christ is so are we in the earth. If Jesus isn’t socially awkward then neither are we. I don’t care how it looks or feels, God’s Word is true.

32. Shyann Thomas - December 28, 2017

Thank you so much this brought me to tears knowing I am not alone💚

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