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Trusting God in the New Year December 31, 2011

Posted by thesociallyawkwardchristian in Christianity.

As I write this, we are approximately 6 hours away from the year 2012. New Year’s Eve always brings a melancholy feeling of nostalgia to me, and like many others, hope for the future. Frankly, it is discouraging to be in more or less the same position I was last year. Though there are differences to be sure.

Last year I had a girlfriend who I loved; this year that same girl refuses to speak to me.

Last year I had no job at all; this year I have a job, though one that I am in no way passionate about.

Last year I believed that my sister could never have her own children; this year I anxiously await for my nephew to be born.

As you can see, and can probably relate to, 2011 brought it’s share of pain, frustration, and joy.

The things that I prayed for most did not happen. I’m still single and I still don’t have a job that matters.

And yet I applaud God’s performance in 2011 and eagerly await to see what He has planned for 2012. Because, being that God’s promises to me were not fulfilled in 2011, that means the chances of them being fulfilled in 2012 are that much better. This is what I want us to cling to in 2012. God is faithful. His plan is still to prosper. He has not forgotten us. The fact that His promises have not been fulfilled only means that they will be in the future. That is something worth celebrating in the New Year. Praise be to God Almighty, The Liberating King Jesus, the lover of our souls and the lifter of our heads. Let us trust in Him, and He will make our paths straight.

Happy New Year!



1. Laura - February 5, 2012

I appreciate your post. I’m in a similar situation and have struggled not to be consumed with the unanswered prayers and moments of confusion but rather cling to the promises God has made and hang onto the hope that they will be fulfilled! God Bless!

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