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The Fragility of Friendship June 23, 2013

Posted by thesociallyawkwardchristian in Christianity.

Earlier this week, I sent out a tweet that said, why do we push away those that like us, and chase after those that don’t? 

I’m not sure if that tweet is always true, but sometimes it feels that way in my life. I do know in most of my relationships, both romantic and platonic, it seems that the ones that really seem excited when I call or text are the same ones that I roll my eyes at when I see their names pop up on my iPhone. It also seems like the ones that I really want to talk to often reply with the one word replies that we all despise. It’s a paradox of pain.

Recently, a friend whom I adore posted a picture on Instagram of her new hairstyle. I commented about how much I loved it. A few minutes later, someone else commented on it about how good they thought it looked. My friend responded to their comment with a hearty “Thank you!!” but did not say anything to my comment. Is it wrong of me to be hurt by that? I feel like it’s petty for something like that to upset me, but I can’t deny that it does either.

At the same time, I wonder how many times I have ignored those that have reached out to me. Or given the “lol” or “k” replies to those that are just bored and lonely and want to talk to me. As an introvert, it is common to have a few close friends than many. But, I wonder how many more I could have if I would try to take some of the love, concern, and care I give to those who don’t reciprocate in similar fashions (at least not as often as I do), and give them to the people to sincerely like me instead.

Love is both choice and compulsion. Our hearts are geared to care about some people more than others. But, at the same time some relationships aren’t healthy and we must to choose to rein in our hearts. This does not mean we must cut out some people out of our lives completely (though it may), but we must at least protect ourselves from experiencing unnecessary pain due to our own emotions. Friendships are fragile. They must be taken care of. But, so are our own hearts. Sometimes, we must give both, our friendships and our hearts, to the Creator of both and let Him do the caring.



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