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In Pursuit of Calling May 13, 2014

Posted by thesociallyawkwardchristian in Christianity.
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I’m currently in a hotel room in Houston, Texas taking some classes at the Fuller Theological Seminary campus here. I drove in on Sunday, but the journey goes back much farther than that. On the drive here, I passed through a little Louisiana town in the middle of nowhere called Eunice. That’s where the story really begins. I was 15 then, at a youth camp with Roseland Park Baptist Church. There, we were supposed to go into the community and provide “backyard Bible camps” for the children on the area. I was supposed to be on one team going to one area, but was moved to another team at the last minute. I remember being pretty upset about this because there was a cute girl on the team I was originally on. But, lo and behold I got over it and was able to lead two Bible studies to two different groups of kids who were separated because of the vast differences in age (the youngest being 3, the oldest being 20). I distinctly remember the youngest, a girl named Christine, who wore a pink cotton dress and cowboy boots every day. What would happen is, I would lead the Bible study, then another person would come in and ask for responses for salvation to the lesson I taught while I went and did something else. When all was said and done, the adult leader of the group came and told me that 7 of the 20 kids accepted Christ, including the youngest (Christine) and the oldest. A few minutes later Christine came up to me and brought me a cup of kool-aid and gave me a hug. I went back to the dorm we were staying and laid on my bed and cried. Finally, I told God, “If this is what you want me to do, I’ll do it.” It was there I surrendered to my calling. 

15 years later, I was on the road to Houston, Texas on the way to a prestigious seminary still in pursuit of that same calling. As I passed through Eunice, the memories flooded my mind. There have been times when I no longer believed in that calling. I have family members and loved ones who also gave up their belief and support in that calling. It’s taking much longer to come to fruition than any of us thought it would, me most of all. Even as I was driving, I was wondering if this was nothing but a waste of time and money. I’ll be in massive debt due to pursuing this calling by going to seminary. Then I passed Eunice. And I remembered. I remembered a little girl in a pink dress with cowboy boots. I remember the taste of the kool-aid and the hug she gave me. I realize that that little girl probably graduated high school this year. I wonder if she has maintained her relationship with Christ, and I wonder if she does, does she think the guy that came to the back yard Bible school and taught her about Jesus and the Armor of God. 

I will never know. But, I do know that if she does, I will pursue this calling to the ends of the earth and to the end of time. Because she and others who I may be so lucky as to help in some way, are worth it all. 

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